3 important considerations about the mask designed (and proven) to kill viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain that causes COVID-19

1. The virus hits the outer surface of the mask and begins to be destroyed on contact. It is the outer surface of the Virus Buster where all pathogenic viruses are destroyed, as recent laboratory tests have proven.

See actual test reports from: Colorado State UniversityKorea Testing & Research InstituteMedifiber Inc.

2. Any virus that lands on this mask gets destroyed — 99.57% within 10 minutes; 99.999% within 30 minutes. When you touch your mask before the virus dies, you can spread the virus. The tests by Colorado State University, Nara Bio Lab in Japan, and several labs in Korea have proven that the Virus Buster starts destroying viruses within minutes.

3. The copper ions do not wash off the fiber. In order to retain the copper, they are chemically bonded to the fiber, not physically applied. The copper does not separate from the fiber, even after multiple washes. This copper is ion-bonded to the CAZ fiber, a chemical “marriage,” that never gets divorced.

How the Virus Buster mask kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus so fast and thoroughly

1. Here is one of the most frequently asked questions about the Virus Buster: “Because viruses can survive for more than four hours on solid copper, how are viruses destroyed on the Virus Buster mask in just minutes?”

CAZ is the non-woven virus-killing surface layer of this mask. It is a tight mesh, consisting of thousands of fibers. The fibers consist of CAZ polymers which look like a long and hairy worm. This copper ion is the “hair” on long polymer worms.

caz polymers

When a virus droplet falls on the surface of the Virus Buster mask, the total area of virus contact to copper atoms is more than several hundred times larger than the droplet contact area on a copper plate. It is the “Oligodynamic action” (incredible effect: check Wikipedia): 500 times larger, 500 times faster.

virus droplet on copper plate

The sterilization effect of copper ions, called the oligodynamic effect, is proven. Oligodynamism is produced by very small quantities of copper and other heavy metals. Extremely small concentrations of copper ions exert potent cell-killing actions, lethal to viruses and bacteria. The effect of these copper ions on the virus causes rapid destruction of the viral membrane and disruption of its RNA, rendering it deactivated.

how copper kills the virus

2. The CAZ fiber is hydrophilic (attracting moisture), while the fibers of ordinary copper masks are hydrophobic, (repelling moisture) — even the moist SARS-CoV-2 virus aerosols. Virus droplets that fall on Virus Buster’s surface CAZ fiber are quickly deactivated, including the COVID-19 causing virus itself.

caz fibers
caz fibers up close

3. The CAZ virus-killing layer is on the outer surface of the mask. The layer beneath the CAZ is a nanomembrane filter with tight pores that block the virus, equivalent to an N80 rating. The membrane helps to keep the virus on the surface, where the CAZ layer makes contact and subsequently kills them. It has a patented double structure to maximize virus sterilization efficiency. The nanomembrane serves to block the passage of the virus beyond the CAZ layer.

The Mask

Virus Buster face masks are light, breathable, washable, and reusable.

The copper ions cannot be washed off and are chemically bonded to the polymeric fabric.

The Virus Buster face mask is comprised of 4 layers of material:

  • An outer antiviral layer which includes the tested and proven copper ion-bonded fiber
  • A virus protection layer that contains a nanomembrane filter
  • A support layer
  • An innermost skin care layer

The Folder Mask is available now, shown in the photos above, and in the first section above, labeled. A medical style mask will be available in the near future.

Some masks are made from copper wire

Many so-called copper masks are made of copper wire fabric which was invented in Japan about 20 years ago. With these types of masks, the gap between the copper wires is so wide that most of the virus droplets can survive. Only a few unlucky viruses will be killed about four hours later.

virus on fibers of mask


The first face mask proven to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the surface within ten minutes. Virus Buster Mask is comfortable and FDA approved for personal use, washable and reusable for about 300 hours of wear.

woman wearing mask on beach


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