Jacob Goodwin

Jacob GoodwinWorking through his sales and marketing company, Goodwin Business Intelligence, LLC, Jacob Goodwin will bring his long experience in technology marketing and journalism to the introduction of the “Virus Buster” face mask and related products into the United States market.

Goodwin spent half his career leading sales and marketing teams in the defense, aerospace, telecommunications and security sectors. In the defense and aerospace sector, he worked as head of domestic sales and vice president of international marketing for Bulova Technologies, a leading manufacturer and exporter of military fuzes. He headed sales teams for Worldcom and ADT Security Services and served as CEO of Export Capital, LLC, a small business that pioneered the securitization of individual defense exports when back by the sovereign debt of the customer country.

He also served as the membership director of the nonprofit Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, of Chicago, IL, a national institute that received $70 million from the U.S. Defense Department to lead the nation’s factories toward a more digitally-oriented future.

As a journalist for half his career, he worked as a reporter for two daily newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a magazine writer and editor, as the author of a critically-praised non-fiction book, “Brotherhood of Arms: General Dynamics and the Business of Defending America,” and as founding editor-in-chief of Government Security News, which became the Bible of the homeland security sector, and Intelligence Community News, which covered the marketplace for intelligence-related products and services.

Goodwin earned his B.A. degree in economics from Cornell University and did graduate work at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs.